Going to Heaven

So more end time talk! There’s a song that says “I want to run where the angels have trod”

Right now, I’m literally in an airport thinking back on my first trip to America. All I could say for a couple days before the flight was “I’M GOING TO AMERICA!!!!”. I kept on saying this until I actually landed and made it on American soil. Then I would say “I’M IN AMERICA!!!!”. But looking back, I realized that the American’s weren’t really as excited to be there as I was.

This got me thinking about the fact that the angels in heaven are very much used to heaven. After all, that’s all they know. But can you imagine when we get there? There ill be absolute pandemonium in heaven as we flood those gates and rush in! We will finally enter into our eternal reward and know that this is now our new home! So let’s have that attitude today! “WE’RE GOING TO HEAVEN!!!” And let’s that be our focus. #HOPE

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