World Cup Series – Free Kicks and Slide Tackles

Just like any other sport, there are infringements and misdemeanors that are identified as unlawful and illegal. In football, this can be a foul, offside, handball and the list goes on. Being a contact sport, however, not all shows of force are illegal; one example is called the slide tackle. A slide tackle occurs when the opponent slides on the ground, feet first, with the intention of getting the ball from the person in possession. If successful, the challenger will gain possession of the ball without injuring the other player but in some cases, especially if there was harm done to the other player, the referee will allow the attacked player to have a free kick. A Free Kick is a situation where the ball is placed on the ground and a player is given the opportunity to have a strike at goal or whatever else he chooses.

Offenses will and must come. These are situations that give the opportunity for you to sin or to respond righteously. However, just like in the case of an illegal slide tackle, in many cases, you get a free kick; a follow-up situation where the clock stops and you are allowed the opportunity to capitalize on this opportunity. Now, it is your choice what to do. Will you become offended, sin and squander any opportunity you had to glorify God in the situation? Or will you remember your purpose, walk in the spirit and convert this set-piece into a game-winning goal? The choice is yours. What will you do with your free kick?

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