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World Cup Series – Foul!!

So the World Cup definitely hasn’t been going the way the fans have expected it to.

Favorites have been losing and the goals have been scarce. Nobody seems to be performing as well as they could have. I heard someone say that it’s hard to get a decent series of passes going when the players are always on the ground. So needless to say that the fouls have been aplenty!

A foul is what happens when one player does something to another person on the opposing team that’s against the rules. Normally, this results in the fouled player ending up on the ground with fresh grass stains and dirt in their mouth. And of course, the natural reaction from the fouled player is to look at the referee begging them for justice!

Fouls come in the lives of the Sons of God ALL the time! I would say at least once per day! God actually told us to expect them. But our response should not be the same as our football icons. The Sons of God should not desire that woes come in the life of their offenders. They are now beings of love and mercy that the last thing they want to see is people penalized for their actions. They know how much mercy was bestowed in their lives and they want to extend that mercy to others too.

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