Why Live


The Father said to me, if you spend time in communion with me, I will bless you. For the next 14 days give God at least an hour a day of undisturbed prayer, worship and fellowship (no excuses).

Leave the things that concern you in God’s hands. Trust Him with them.Ask Him only for the things that He wants you to have right now.Ask Him to reveal those things to you in His timing.Spend most of your fellowship blessing God and praying for others. However, the things that concern you, leave them in God’s hands.Journal your experiences, and impressions.Bonus + Skip a meal a day as a fast to the Lord, use that time as your hour to pray in earnest to the Lord.

Thus saith the Lord, “I want you all to have an open ear to me. I want to say some things that are on my heart to say. Some things that many have neglected to hear. However, hear me now”

Why Live?

In with the Lord concerning what I should write in the this sunrise, He asked, "If you are not living for others, why are you living? What is your purpose in life?"  There was such seriousness in His tone, which caused me to understand that he didn't expect Christians to be living unto themselves. This however, is a truth that is far from what many in the Church actually live out. Can you honestly say that you live unto the Lord? Do you trust Him with every decision? Do you allow Him to lead you and guide you in all things? Or are you fearful of what a life, totally God-led, will cost you?

If you are stuck here, then you are living unto yourself; you are selfish, and can't see afar off. God made you for much more than yourself; He made you to impact others. Your only true reason for being alive on this earth should be to retain the opportunity to bless others and to spare them from hell. Is this your true hearts' desire? What if God were to strip you to nothing, and leave you bare as John the Baptist? Would this anger you or trouble you? Would it leave you bitter in any way? Or would you be grateful that you still have the Holy Spirit, and His anointing to minister. What do you believe in? God or mammon?

I hear the Lord saying, "There are many who are not ready for the impending tribulation that shall come upon the Church shortly. I seek to prepare them, by the power of My Word. However, it is the heart that must receive My Words. They (My Words) become power unto you when They are received and believed upon. My Holy Spirit can loose you from the cares of the world, if you allow Him to. Do you not recognise that you must depend upon me? A time is near your shores that will reveal whether you trust me or not. You will have nothing else to lean on. In those days you will suffer. However, I will keep you from sin and from perishing. However, if you reject  My words in a time of peace, what will you do when your peace is threatened? Wash your robes and be clean before me, for I come in an hour you know not. And I will sift the tares from among you." - Amen

The truth is, only those who seek another country (Heb 11:16), will be accepted in it. Let your time here on earth simply be an occupying till the Lord come (Luke 19:13). If you are caught up and in love with the affairs of this life, you will not be accepted into the beloved. What has the Lord instructed you to do that you continue to procrastinate? What is so important in this life that you would delay obedience? Why are you living? He that hath an ear, let Him hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.  "If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me." (Matt 16:24).

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