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When Death Comes

Steal away, steal away, steal away to Jesus! Steal away, steal away home; I ain't got long to stay here.

Death has a time to steal us away. It disregards status, age, or creed. We may not know when or how; but we are certain of this one thing: we all have to die one day. For some this is a joyous expectation because we will see Jesus face to face and dwell in the Godhead forever in the New Jerusalem, the beautiful City that comes straight out of Heaven. What a Glorious time that will be. On the contrary, for others, death is a harsh reality that engenders strife, anger and bitterness. The number of our years never seem to quell the grief or diminish fright or fear. We are left to live with the memories of past relationships; the happy times, and even try to quench the questions that sometimes hold painful answers. When the music fades and time for us shall be no more, will there be singing? Will heaven be rejoicing over our soul when death comes? We have a precious opportunity now to fellowship in the life of Christ in this realm called Time so that when we transition into Eternity, it will be well. Oh to see Heaven pause and stand to receive the Sons. I pray it will be well with our soul when death comes.

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