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Vanellope von Schweetz

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Meet Vanellope a sassy, sharp tongued 9-year-old speed car racer form the Movie "Wreck it Ralph". Vanellope spends the vast majority of the movie as a homeless girl forced to sleep in Diet Cola Mountain, far away from everyone who has ostracized her. Vanellope was originally a princess who was the rightful ruler of the game. However, a character from another realm hacked into the game, wiped the memory of everyone and attempted to delete Vanellope from the game. However, when that failed, he instead locked away her code and forced her into a life of exile and seclusion.

The truth is, the Bible speaks of us all as having been in Vanellope’s situation. Before salvation, we were all held captive by the Devil at his will. He invaded this earth and took control by taking control of its leader and governor, man. Now, man has been defiled and simply cannot be what he was called to be. Instead, men live in a malfunctioned state trying their best to do what is right but simply find themselves glitching and failing over and over again.

So that’s why God sent Jesus to invade our existence, like Ralph, expose the trick of the enemy and free us from our captivity. And just as how, once freed, Vanellope returns to her rightful place as princess, we too have reassumed our own roles as heavenly creatures and Sons of God with power over every wile of the enemy. Now simply be the Son of God that you are. Live no longer according to the lie you were told. Be who God has called you to be today.

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1 Comment

Tayjay Di GodChild
Tayjay Di GodChild
Jan 13, 2019

wow!!! i see it

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