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Undignified Worship

I've never met an evangelist who wasn't hung up on praising and worshipping God. The evangelistic gift itself is one which compels men to worship God through the preaching of the gospel, the psalmist ministry, the working of miracles, word of knowledge and so on.

God's method of raising an evangelist is often to use them to praise in undignified ways. The leper in Luke 17 was a Samaritan, yet his gratitude to God caused him to bow his face to the floor before a Jew. It's not politically correct for Samaritans to deal with Jews, but the mercy of God in his life caused this leper to disregard the philosophies of men.

God uses undignified praise to teach the attitude of worship before we try to compel others. Even our undignified way of worship is a sign to unbelievers that humility is required to get to God. Today, give God your craziest praises and watch Him develop your evangelistic passion first hand.

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