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This morning I began to think about how God designed my life so that I could be where I am right now… like why I’m here physically in the States, getting prepared for World Conference. As well as why I’m in a place spiritually to be given responsibilities even just to write morning devotionals that people can benefit from. I honestly can’t see anything that I had done in the past that would qualify me for this or why it is that God would have chosen me.

But after thinking about it for a long while and being convinced that I really don’t deserve His love and His Grace, I realized that regardless of God’s reasoning or His divine logic, the fact is that He has blessed me with Himself… His Spirit, His life. And that, for me, gives me a deep and strong desire to simply obey Him. I’ve realized that obedience and submission to God is the greatest way to express our love for God.

So as you consider your life right now, for every time when you see that God poured out His love on you, especially in times when you didn’t deserve it, let it be your motivation to love God even the more.

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