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Trials of Fire


The Father said to me, if you spend time in communion with me, I will bless you. For the next 14 days give God at least an hour a day of undisturbed prayer, worship and fellowship (no excuses).

Leave the things that concern you in God’s hands. Trust Him with them.Ask Him only for the things that He wants you to have right now.Ask Him to reveal those things to you in His timing.Spend most of your fellowship blessing God and praying for others. However, the things that concern you, leave them in God’s hands.Journal your experiences, and impressions.Bonus + Skip a meal a day as a fast to the Lord, use that time as your hour to pray in earnest to the Lord.

Thus saith the Lord, “I want you all to have an open ear to me. I want to say some things that are on my heart to say. Some things that many have neglected to hear. However, hear me now”

Trials of Fire

"Do you think that there is a single moment that I am separate from you? I have joined Myself to you, and you to Me. It was My will to be stuck with you and you with Me. It was My will for it to be an impossible thing for you to flee from My presence. I am one with you, and there is never a time that I am not. It is my desire to always be with you. To follow you wherever you go. To remain with you, even when you have not yet perceived Me or even remembered Me.

My love has made us one. It understands you, even when you have not yet understood Me. 

What say ye when I try you with fire? Why say ye in your hearts that I am far? Why say ye that I have abandoned you? Have ye not read the wonderful works of My salvation that I have wrought by the power of My own Spirit? Why are you troubled and in despair? Awake to righteousness and sin not. Open your eyes and perceive My great mystery of salvation. We are indeed one.

I have made you a tabernacle to My Spirit. Every part of you is mine. I have destroyed every old thing of the evil one and replaced it with the goodness of My Spirit. I have given you a new heart and a new mind. Your flesh is made pure by My presence within it, and your spirit is mine. Have I not power to do what I will with my own? Know ye not that trials produce love in your hearts for Me? Know ye not that you cannot know of Me lest you suffer with Me? Oh ye of little faith and quick to complain. Have ye not read that gold is perfected by fire? You are my gold that I have chosen from the beginning. That I will yet refine you unto My satisfaction.

Do not kick against the prick with mumbling and disquietness of spirit. Instead, humble yourselves before Me and I will lift you up. Stand still, and you will learn of Me. Wait upon Me for I am nigh thee and willing to avenge you according to My appointed time. Suffer a little longer. Trust your Father, and be children, and you will drink of My glory."  - The Holy One, The God of Glory.

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