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To Love You More

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Would you guys judge me if I wrote about Celine Dion? Lol... ( I’m not sure if Kareem will let me post this... )

Well first of all, I only know her songs after riding the bus to school everyday. My bus driver was especially fond of her music... especially on Mondays. Lol.

So today... there was this song that popped up in my head on repeat and I just could not get it out! The line that kept replaying was “I’m the one who wants to love you moooooorrreee”. Needless to say for some, this wasn't a song you would normally find on a Christian playlist. So when rebuking the song failed, I started thinking about the concept that this young lady was singing about. And of course, the conversation went into examining God’s emotions towards us.

I believe this is God’s passion many times, especially when He finds us looking everywhere except in His direction for love, companionship, comfort and rest. He knows that He can give us everything that we need, but many times He is not trusted enough to do it. Maybe it’s because His methods of bringing joy isn’t conventional or doesn’t always seem to end in happiness, but take it from a God who cannot lie... He will give you even more than you can wrap your mind around. He specialises in giving those who trust in Him the things that their heart will truly enjoy.

So will you trust Him today? He is waiting for you.

- Anonymous 📷

Sunrise with Jesus

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