The Road to Glory

Readings: Romans 5:1-5, 2 Thessalonians 1:3-5

From the day we get saved until we die, God has us on a path that is designed to take us all the way to glory. In some cases, this path is laden with turbulent situations. While the devil would have us to believe that our tribulations are a sign that God doesn’t love us, the word proves that God gives His children trials because He trusts them; and our submission to Christ in the middle of a trial is what confirms His love in us and toward those around us. If we obey God in all things, we will quickly be convinced that God will NEVER disappoint us.

We cannot bring ourselves to this assurance, it is only by submission to Christ that He will take us there. And if there is sin in our hearts, we will doubt whether or not we are acceptable to God, and we will know deep down that we do not deserve to inherit glory. Submission to God must be absolute, meaning He must have His way in ALL areas of our lives; the more we submit, the more our boldness and confidence will grow in God’s character. And after seeing God’s faithfulness in so many of our situations in this life, we can only eagerly and joyfully expect that He won’t deny us access to reign with Him in the next life.

Annestta Samuels

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