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True Spirituality in Prayer: Embracing Your Authentic Self

Updated: Jan 16

Welcome to A Journey through the New Testament! In this series, we will systematically journey through every chapter in the New Testament, unveiling the marvelous insights that can be found in the scriptures.

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Matthew 6:7-8 provides valuable insights into the nature of prayer. As we ponder our relationship with God in prayer, it's crucial to ask ourselves: Do our prayers follow a repetitive pattern, or do we alter our words to sound more "spiritual"?

While displaying reverence before God is commendable, assuming an entirely different persona for prayer raises concerns. In various religions, adherents engage in repetitive rituals, believing it demonstrates piety. However, our connection with the true and living God transcends such rituals. He desires genuine fellowship through Jesus Christ, knowing each of us intimately and seeing beyond our spiritual facades.

Attempting to become a different person during prayer often stems from a deep-seated belief that God won't honor our true selves. Consequently, individuals construct a persona they think God will respect as spiritual. Yet, true spirituality is not a product of our efforts but a manifestation of God's Spirit within us. Rejoice in the knowledge that He has chosen you, loving the real you since before the world existed.

In prayer, authenticity is key. Say what you mean, get to the point, and be sincere. If you repeat a thing, let it be because you want to as opposed to feeling that you have to. Your Heavenly Father, who intimately knows and loves the real you, hears and values the authenticity of your heart.

  • Written by Kareem Flowers, Sunrise with Jesus

Based on the Sunrise above, how would you describe your prayer life? Do you sometimes put on a spiritual persona, or are you always genuine? Share in the comments below.

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This was me once, and I found out that I'm putting on a different persona before God (who can't be deceived), I'm also doing it other areas of my life before. This deception was dangerous and a manifestation of pride. In His mercy and faithfulness however, God confronted these false personas of mine like Elijah did those prophets and showed the true power of prayer is as you said - coming out of the authenticity of our fellowship with our Father.

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