The Road Code

Yesterday we looked at God’s leading us in a very similar way that a GPS takes us on a path that we need to go. But in the feedback to the post yesterday, a dear Pastor and friend of mine, Donnette Norman highlighted something very important! In Hebrews 11, Paul speaks about the attitude that the heroes of the Old Testament had while they lived on the earth. He refers to them as being strangers and pilgrims on earth. This reminded me of my own experience while driving very recently in Houston, Texas.

As a Jamaican driving in America, nothing was familiar!!! I had to drive on the opposite side of the road while sitting on the opposite side of the car. The road had features and rules that had to be understood in order for me to use the road effectively and safely. Failure to understand the ramps, exits, turning lanes and “turn right on red rule” would cause me certain harm and danger. So along with my trusty GPS system, there had to be knowledge of how to abide while being on the road.

And, interestingly enough, the very same is true with our life here on earth. In John 15, Jesus instructed us to “Abide in Him” and Galatians 5 instructs us to “Walk in the Spirit”. These are two of the many verses that instruct us how to carry ourselves and how it is that we should live while we pass through this corridor of life. So I encourage you today to walk in the Spirit. Submit to God and allow Him to instruct you, direct you and live through you. Do not be an impediment to Him but let him have the freedom to express Himself through you.

Let’s follow the road code today!

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