The Outpour

I was at a Prayer Forum where God was ministering his heart and unfolding what our attitude should be concerning prayer. We entered into a time of intercession and all I could see, feel and hear was a mighty rush in the spirit and I kept hearing ‘the outpour.’

Have you ever considered the reason for the coming of the Holy Spirit being described as a mighty rushing wind? It speaks of passion, pursuit and an energetic intensity that quickens you with a force and all you know is you are instantly changed.

The Lord began to show me how passionate He is about pouring out all of himself into us. His desire is to withhold nothing. The Father wants us to know as He knows and see as he sees. This becomes possible if we have his Spirit; for the Spirit of God is what knows the things of God (1 Cor. 2:11).

We experience such joy unspeakable and full of glory when we allow the Holy Spirit to flow freely. That has always been the desire of the Father. The prophet Joel declared the great outpouring that would occur in the last days (Joel 2:28). Right now, the Spirit of God is here for all flesh. That mighty rushing wind that shook the earth on the day of Pentecost is still very present and is still shaking, aligning and awakening.

God has been pouring out his grace by unveiling his Word and He doesn’t want us to be blind or ignorant but he wants our eyes to be opened so we can discern his move. Failure to agree with the Word as it is being poured out will cripple and stagnate us; and we will never see God for who he is nor come to our full potential in him.

There is so much to experience in the Lord. The Father just wants to have an undisturbed communion with his children. We must identify and get rid of those things that are interfering with that fellowship and preventing us from receiving from God.

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