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The Kingdom of Christ Pt. 3

We should all be led by the Spirit in giving, and not seek an excuse to avoid meeting the need that God places before us. For instance, I am a full-time minister, and money is scarce. There are times when I receive financial gifts from saints, or I will be paid from elsewhere. The world's definition of financial security does not apply to me, because in my line of work, you never know where your next dollar is coming from. I've had more than one experience where God would require me to give money that I've just received to a need of the ministry, and my response was to give it without reservations. I've watched so many people tithe into the work of the ministry, and when I get the opportunity, why wouldn't I do it? I wanted to show God how much I believe in the ministry that I am a part of, and how much I appreciate Him for finding a spot for me in His kingdom.

God is probably already speaking to your heart about giving, and flashing before you some needs that you have the resources to meet. Will it cost you or your family? Will one of your children or loved ones have to do without this time so that the gospel may be furthered? And is that okay with you? As you read each of those questions, your heart has already given an answer to God. If He is willing, He will reveal to you what He has found as He searched you. I pray with all my heart that money will not be the thing that separates you from the kingdom of God.

But today, God wants us to stop in our tracks and recognize that the kingdom that we are a part of deserves our full attention and resources.

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