The Kingdom of Christ Pt. 2

The cares of this world have the potential to distract you from the important reality that all that matters at the end of it all is that we be holy and faithful. Examine yourself to see if you are so consumed with your daily routine that there is rarely an opportunity for you to fellowship with God, or be used by Him to win someone into the kingdom. Are you working hard to build a house, save money, spend money, start a family, maintain a family, form relationships, or please yourself? If this is your preoccupation, then you are building a kingdom that's fading. A good way to examine if you are weighed down by the cares of this world is to do an honest assessment of (You may want to make notes here):

□ Your time: Where is most of your time spent, and doing what? Consider your 24-hour day, what is a typical day like for you? List out the main activities of your day, and underline all the activities that are related to kingdom building, including personal spiritual growth. What did you come up with? Does your time reflect that you are doing something to advance the agenda of the Kingdom of Christ coming to this Earth?

□ Money: What is most of your money used to do or buy? As you consider all that you have been blessed with, what is it being used to do? Some people have more substance than others, but that does not matter to God. Jesus praised a widow for giving two mites more than all the rich men who dropped a larger sum in the offering basket. Many people will give of their time but find it challenging to give especially money, and there are some who give but ensure that it entails no sacrifice. How much we give of our physical resources is a tell-tale sign of our true spiritual disposition. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean that the rich who can afford to give large amounts are more spiritual than those who can only give a small amount. No; I am simply saying that we giving sacrificially and cheerfully is a manifestation of your affection for the Kingdom of God and the spreading of the gospel. For you, $200,000 USD may be a great sacrifice, whereas for someone else, that's a small offering.

So are you Kingdom minded? Examine today.

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