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The Humanist Series: That Serpent

‘On thy belly thou shalt go...’

The devil knows that he has a very short time left in this world. His curse cannot be reversed. His fate is absolute. However, he delights in using whatever time he has left to devour and destroy mankind. He was the first creature to lift himself in pride. He said in his heart that he would exalt his throne above the throne of God, (Isaiah 14:13). He had a great ambition. His aspiration was bigger than the measure that God had given to him. Apparently, God did not bless him the way he wanted to be blessed. Hence, he had a great dream to live his best life, which was to be greater than all, including God. That serpent who used deception in the beginning is still using deception today to drive mankind away from fellowship with God.

The garden of Eden was the place of fellowship. The devil’s agenda was to disturb that fellowship and he is doing the same thing today. He is using the same humanistic approach. He wants people to be consumed with ‘self,’ all that concerns ‘me, myself, and I’. The more they see themselves, the less they will see God. The enemy wants to have the people of God see themselves, their careers, dreams and aspirations as the end goal in life. If he can turn people’s minds and hearts to a ‘purpose’ that exalts ‘self-image’ he would have won.

Lucifer, as he was called, forgot who gave him the glory that he had. Likewise, he wants the Church to forget within whose glory we operate. Therefore, he raises up teachers who endorse fame, money, ‘celebrity-ism’ and notoriety. In addition, they use ‘God’ to make an image for themselves. They have forgotten the true and living God and His purpose and have turned the attention to themselves, and have forgotten who gave them the glory and the anointing. Like Adam and Eve, they have forgotten who gave them dominion.

Since God’s heart is to draw people to Himself, it is a dangerous thing to use the glory of God to exalt self and lead the people astray. Like the serpent, such a one, will be helpless, ashamed and on their belly except that they repent.

‘I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.’ Isaiah 42:8.

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