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The Great Illusion

Do you know God is a mighty warrior? He is constantly fighting for the well being of our souls. I think sometimes we don't remember that this life is simply a test to see whether we are worthy of heaven. It is the time when our hearts are tested to see whether they are truly pure. As we go through life's trials it is very easy to become caught up with the things we face. They are so real to us that we give our emotions, our well being, and all our mind to them. But something we must remember is that one day the things and affairs of this world won't matter anymore.

What's your goal in life? Do you want to make a name for yourself? Be rich perhaps? Maybe to be seen/heard on? Are you caught up in the things happening in your life? I am writing this as a reminder to you that one day you will pass on and stand before the presence of the Lord. All these emotional ties you had to this world will suddenly be gone because you will realize that your life on earth was an illusion. It was just the trial realm. The place God placed you in to see if you would choose Him. To see if you would trust Him beyond the illusion. Whatever you give your emotions to is your God. Do not be deceived. This trial will one day be over. So I implore you, live above the illusion, serve God, and you will see His face in peace.

I love you.

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