Seeking & Sacrifice: Like You Just Got Saved Series

Today, I want to take you back to that time when you passionately sought the Lord, for no reason other than to know Him. Do you remember when you used to pray to Him? When you would steal away to a quiet place to talk with Him, to spend time with your Father? Can you recall those times when you were in the middle of sleep, late at night, and you would wake up just to tell God how much you loved Him, and wanted to please Him?

As we continue to reflect on our salvation experience, there were many things we did to spend time with God that required great sacrifice. We still had work or school the next morning; we still had a never-ending to do list; but God was too important to exclude from our day. Some of us had a tiny closet that was our prayer spot; some bended knees by their bedside; others of us found sweet communion on cold bathroom floors. We always knew that time spent with God meant giving up something - whether sleep, valuable time that could have been used building relationships, or investing in our ambitions - we didn't care. God was our prize and we were lost without Him.

That same God has patiently waited for you to come to the revelation that you were happiest when you made time for Him. It's not too late to renew your fellowship with the God of your salvation. Why not recklessly give yourself to spending time with Him everyday, and consciously decide not to care about how much it will cost you? Present your body a living sacrifice unto God, and watch how He sets you on fire!

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