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Seeking God

Have you ever seen a minister expertly and almost magically extract wisdom from a scripture that you have probably read over and over? Or have you ever looked at someone’s life and just knew that this person has a different level of relationship with God? Well I have. And I have always wondered what it took to get to that place in God. How does someone get to a place where they seem to have a deep and close relationship with God? The answer to that question is actually quite simple. It comes through seeking Him.

This is another one of those very simple principles of God. Seeking God is an activity with guaranteed results. The Bible tells us that if we seek God we will find Him and if we knock on His door, He will open. So if it is that you know that you need more of an experience or a knowledge of God, then the solution is free for you today. Seek God. Set aside time and take a posture in your heart to ask God for something you really want from Him and just keep asking. He will answer.