So there are a lot of videos of stuff claiming to be “The Most Satisfying Thing You Have Ever Seen!!!”. A lot of these are sand-cutting videos or magnets clicking together or perfect handwriting and other things like that. Apparently, the latest definition of satisfaction is something that is perfect or fits perfectly and leaves nothing to be desired and these videos show this happening in everyday experiences.

Ecclesiastes speaks about God placing eternity in the heart of every man. He places it in our hearts so that we will always long for it and desire it. And, as a result, there will always be a desire for God in the heart of everyone. So no matter what anyone ever does or tries to use to fill that desire, the only satisfying filler for that space is God Himself. Nothing else can quench that thirst. So if you can relate to that space in your heart or that longing for something to fill your soul or your heart, try Jesus. He is the only one that will ever satisfy.

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