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My brother Yannik has a way with music. He can let you listen to a non-Gospel song and minister to you what God said to Him through it. By the end of that conversation, you will feel so edified and strengthened and you will definitely be praying for the writer of that song.

I remember the day he let me listen to Royals by Lorde. The song speaks about a young girl’s experience growing up in a place where “She wasn’t proud of her address”. She constantly compared herself to other people who had way more substance than her. Her conclusion was that she would never be a royal and that where she was from had already determined that.

However, I remember Paul giving us wisdom on this issue when He let the world know that wherever you live and whatever state you find yourself in, that was determined by God. He is able to place you in torn-up towns or in castles according to what He knew you needed to make it into Heaven and based on the path that He determined for your life.

And unlike the writer of that song, we have an assurance that our address or our state doesn’t define us. We’re already Royals!!! We're simply waiting to enter our eternal Kingdom.

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