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Roller Coaters

So I’m going to a theme park to ride roller coasters today. For the record, I had no choice. I was kinda told to go. Lol. And to top it off, this is after specifically indicating to the person that I really dislike roller coasters. I think I need new friends. Lol... But regardless, I’m going.

My roller coaster history has not been the best. My first roller coaster experience left me in complete distress and shock. It was The Hulk. I still remember the day it slung my helpless body all around in the air while I was trying to hold on for dear life. It was frightening and I shook my head in disbelief for the next few months. I continued to try a few but they were all tainted by the fear of that first experience. I found myself trying to endure it rather than just riding the ride and enjoying it. And I believe that was the problem.

Many times, we allow bad experiences to define our lives. We look back even at some of the things that we may have done and have decided that it is always going to be like that. Regardless of the body of Christ around you celebrating victories in their walk, we sometimes prefer to define ourselves by our past failures and decide that it’s never going to be anything different than your past failure even if you try again.

But I encourage you today, as I join the line for these roller coasters that you do the same. Give God another chance to prove His strength in your life. Be brave enough to enter into those same situations and believe that He is able to make you successful and triumphant in those same experiences.

Ready? Here we go!!!

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