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There’s something that I have realized lately about our loving God. In the scriptures, God assures us that He is able to provide all our needs and that His provisions are according to His riches and what He has planned to give us. Elsewhere in the Bible, God also lets us know that His provision goes way beyond what we can even know to ask for in a situation.

Many times, when we are faced with an obstacle or a need, we may feel like we know exactly what we need to get past that situation. But a lot of these times, our decision is based on our own perception and limited vision or understanding of what we see.

I challenge you today to allow God to answer your needs. He takes pleasure in giving us what we need, even when we don't know it or realize it. I just think God enjoys standing back and watching us as we realize that He knows us far more than we even know ourselves. Remember, God is the one that is directing your life. Let Him be your provider today.

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