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Prayer Perspective


The Father said to me, if you spend time in communion with me, I will bless you. For the next 14 days give God at least an hour a day of undisturbed prayer, worship and fellowship (no excuses).

Leave the things that concern you in God’s hands. Trust Him with them.Ask Him only for the things that He wants you to have right now.Ask Him to reveal those things to you in His timing.Spend most of your fellowship blessing God and praying for others. However, the things that concern you, leave them in God’s hands.Journal your experiences, and impressions.Bonus + Skip a meal a day as a fast to the Lord, use that time as your hour to pray in earnest to the Lord.

Prayer Perspective

So something about yesterday’s Sunrise really got me thinking about how God uses the uncommon routes sometimes to get us where He wants us to go. In praying for our families, loved ones, friends, enemies and even strangers, it should be our desire that God does entirely what is according to His will.

If we think about it, many of the situations that caused us the most growth and learning and maturity are not situations that we would have orchestrated for ourselves. We have come to see God’s wisdom in mapping and designing the path of our lives and, with each passing trial and situation, we learn His ways even the more and our Faith is added to.  So why should the case be different in prayer?

So instead of offering suggestions to God about how He should draw others to Himself, how about we take our experiences and learn God’s ways in it? Before we were born, God knew us, and He designed the perfect route for our lives. He determines how our lives would go and how things need to be in order for everyone to have their best chance of making it in. So let us continue to trust God that He will do for others the same that He has done for us. Let us have the right attitude in prayer today.

God bless

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