Pace Car

I remember one day… just another ordinary day on the road, trying to get where I was going, I ended up behind a vehicle that was going a bit slower than I had anticipated going that day. I knew that staying behind this person would definitely add about 10 precious minutes to my journey. But just as I was getting ready to perform a very smooth and legal overtaking maneuver, the Lord whispered to me “That’s your Pace Car”. I immediately knew what He meant and happily retreated to riding behind that very slow vehicle for the rest of the journey.

The thing is, I had come to understand the meaning of a Pace car mostly from being subjected to watching Formula 1 races early Sunday mornings by my brother, Yannik Nesbeth. In these races, a car would seemingly pop out of nowhere and start to drive a certain speed and everyone had to follow. This car was sent to govern the traffic because of some dangers or debris that was on the track ahead. The Pace car gave the track crew time to clean up the track and ultimately keep everyone safe.

In life, God will put situations in our life to slow us right down to a crawl sometimes. He knows that the pace of our lives needs to be adjusted so as to spare us from a sure accident or collision. However, it is up to us to remain sensitive to Him and know that not all setbacks are devil-sent. Many times, God will introduce things in our lives that will cause us to go at an uncomfortable pace. But in those times, rejoice. It is for your good that you were slowed down. So just wind your windows up, put on a good song and enjoy the ride.

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