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Open Heaven - Give Thanks

Have you ever stopped to comprehend the love God has bestowed upon us? The sacrifice He had to make so it could be possible for us to be joined to Him. In this oneness He didn’t ask for much but just that we rest. One of the reasons He asks this of us is so that His life can save our soul from the wrath which is to come. He saw from eternity that the only way for our souls to be saved is that Jesus live through us. This should make us leap for joy!

Another delighting thing is that God sends situations, trials and circumstances our way to give us the opportunity to please Him in them. He is trusting us to glorify Him in the end. That is why God responded to the devil, regarding Job saying “have you considered My servant Job?”. God is doing the same in our lives. He allows the devil to tempt us because He has already asked him “Have you considered my child *insert your name here*?”. Therefore glorify God in your situations, because He has privileged you with the opportunity to glory, and to be called a beloved son - a son He would open heaven for.

We give thanks to you today Father.

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