One Time for the Foodies

As I studied the book of Exodus, one thing is for sure: God loves Himself some people! He had single-handedly freed a nation about 2 million strong from slavery, and performed some of the most glorious acts of providence in a place where nature says it can’t be done - a wilderness!

The thing I’m most fascinated by is- not the glory cloud but - manna. Manna literally means, “what is it?” And was used to describe the seeds that God rained from heaven for the Israelites to make bread. Nature says you’ll starve in a wilderness but here comes God 🤷🏽‍♀️

The more I ponder God’s provision for His people in such ingenious ways all throughout Exodus, is the more I recognize how creative and powerful God is. He’s not bound by laws of nature and they’re not obstacles to Him, but rather tools in accomplishing his will.

“I am that bread of life.” - Jesus (John 6:48)

Annestta Samuels

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