Nose Blind

On many occasions, I pause to consider those who I like to call sanitary engineers. Now, especially where I live, there is a unanimous almost instant awareness that a garbage truck is nearby. This is followed by involuntary reactions like covering my nose or getting as far away from this distinctive unpleasant odor as I possibly can. My mind would often linger on the reality that persons work in this environment on a daily basis. And the smell that would once make them uncomfortable is now bearable and has even gone unrecognized. That's when the Febreeze Ad rang in my ear "They've gone nose blind". I know you see where this is going.

Nose blindness is very much similar to what the Lord calls a seared conscience. It is possible for us to force ourselves to be comfortable in doing thinking or feeling things that are in total opposition to what we know is right. If you feel like you have started being comfortable with darkness, ask God to give you back your nose sight so you can start smelling the awfulness of sin again. Sin is no pleasure... In reality, it stinks.

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