My Business Partner

It was 10 years ago while sitting in a Principles of Business class that I was introduced to the term “Partnership”. If I remember correctly, a partnership is where 2 or more persons agree to handle the running of the business and, in return, they will both share in the profits of the business. But have you ever considered making God your business partner?

Can you imagine if you entered into an agreement that God would literally be involved in the operations of your business? Imagine if at your board meetings, nothing is approved unless God signs off on it and where the Word of God is law and His character is seen in the very personality of the business. And imagine if you had on your board a God with wisdom far exceeding Solomon; with knowledge of stocks, bonds, equity and being able to foresee changes in the market according to His own divine intellect? It would really be a great loss for any of us not to accept His offer.

So not only in business but in every aspect of your life, make God your partner today. Let Him guide you in your decisions and don’t neglect to give Him what’s due to Him.

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