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Meanness - Thought War Series

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Meanness is a disposition of the heart where an individual expresses heartless, callous, cruel behavior that hurts another. It can be as a result of various dispositions to include a dysfunctional childhood, denial of love and affection and selfishness. This individual may have also faced favorable circumstances, but still end up mean, entitled and bitter.

In a world with so much hurt and brokenness, it is easy to get trapped in a mean attitude as a direct response to what is happening around us and even within us. Doesn’t this sound like bondage? Meanness can be coupled with selfishness, which, in the, "The Thought War", is described as ‘a watchful eye on the things that affect you and only you. It has no regard for the disposition of others.’ Doesn’t this sound like pride?

If one does not know Jesus, then he needs to be rescued and healed from this state. As for the saved, a choice has to be made to walk in the love of God. God’s will is not for us to be unkind to one another, but rather love and see each one as our brother and sister. If we find ourselves walking contrary to this attitude of love, we have to get to a place where we hate that attitude and agree with God if we truly want please Him.

In high school, I remember being very mean to a young lady and my friend stood in my defence. After that encounter, the Lord confronted me and caused me to know that that was an overall attitude that I had. It was not unique to that young lady. It had become a habit. Meanness is never just directed to one person. It is a reflection of who we are and the mindsets that we have embraced. I felt so ashamed and I knew I had to change. I also regretted having my friend defend my attitude as normal. Being unkind, rude, and callous toward others, especially as children of God, is very abnormal and it shows that we have not grasped our purpose for being in the earth.

Meanness hurts people. Whether you are a boss, parent, leader in any capacity, and you bear the name of Christ, it is not the love of God to say or do things in total disregard for how it affects others. That attitude is an insult to the Kingdom to which we belong. It is a great day for salvation; and a great day to agree with God, let go of our selfish ways and choose to walk in the love of Christ.

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