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Like You Just Got Saved Series


Sunrise with Jesus wants to invite you to begin this journey of seeking God with us, and keep in touch with us along the way so that we can pray with you and answer any questions you may have.

Do you remember when you just got saved? You had a passion to praise and worship God, you were reading the word every chance you got, and you wanted to tell others about the goodness of God towards you! For many of us, getting saved was the revealing of many talents and abilities we never knew we had! Some of us found out we could dance, write poetry, sing, perform well athletically or retain a vast amount of knowledge. This is because when we got saved, we found our true selves! These different talents and abilities that we delighted in, they were actually manifestations of the Spirit, and they were what put the joy in our salvation.

But unfortunately, as we "grew" in the faith, we got more and more detached from the real us. We began to allow ourselves to become attracted to the world and its offerings, and we began to choose to disobey God. This made us weak and insensitive to His leading, and as a result, we could not withstand the trials that came our way. All the supernatural experiences that we had when we just got saved felt more and more distant, and eventually turned into relics and memories, rather than products of our daily fellowship with God. Today, we want to remind you of the first you, that person who had just received the Spirit and was burning for God's glory to be revealed. That first you is the real you! Why not seek Him again like you used to? Why not make time for Him like you used to? Why not obey like you used to? There's no better time than right now!

ACTIVITY: Write down all the things that you were passionate about when you just got saved. Prayerfully seek the Lord about each of them. Ask Him if He wants you to start doing any of those things again. Listen for His response; bear in mind that He may not answer immediately, but if you continue to seek Him concerning those things, you will get your answer.

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Bonny B. Dyer
Bonny B. Dyer
04 de mar. de 2019

Wow! The comments are working for me! This technical problem has been a trial for me. God knew my temperance needed perfecting. I had to take a look at my emotions once again. Why should two days of tech problems cause me to be short-tempered? It wasn't anything I did wrong. It was a trial my Father allowed. That part of 1 Corinthians 13 that says, "Love is not unseemly." Unseemly means unfit, perverse, stubborn, self-willed, hard, unhappy, and graceless. I was all of that! I will add discontented and complaining to the lot. Feeling bad from the flu was no excuse! I know too much. Father God has called me to walk perfect in his sight. So, I praise…

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