Light or Darkness

The enemy is the master of disguise. His goal is to preoccupy you with the pleasures of this world and set us on a constant quest for happiness and fulfillment while still being stuck on the never ending rat race. In our society, “normal” is obtaining the best car, the best house, the best job, the best life. It seems like it’s never enough and there’s always something else: a newer, harder to attain moving target of so-called happiness. Ironically, most people can deduce that happiness is more than just material things; but even with this reality, many still can’t place why they still feel a void without having these things.

This life is nothing but a vapour and time itself has an end. What we do in this life are moments in time that will determine our eternal resting place. The more the enemy can get you to waste your time here on earth pursuing frivolous cares and pleasures, the closer he gets to his one and only goal; to destroy you and take you down with him. While many are still being fed the lie that you can live your life however you want to and face little to no consequences and while the devil would want to even fool you into thinking that everyone will make it to heaven or even that there is no Hell, I'd like to challenge this notion and present an alternative to the so-called “norm”.

The truth is that God almighty thought of you and considered what it would take to convince you of his love for you. He set into motion all of the things that would happen in your life so that you could find what you had always been looking for but couldn't quite place what it was; HIM! He sent heaven's best to save you from the need to seek for people and things to satisfy and validate you. Rather, he proved that he is the only one capable of loving you and that he validated even what the enemy said was irretrievable. God came to save you from the quagmire of darkness and bring you into light. The truth is that Jesus Christ is still the ONLY way, truth and Light of this world. The light was sent so that those in the dark could choose. I simply outline to you the choice; darkness or light? Awake from your slumber and step into the marvellous light!

Shanice Chen

Sunrise with Jesus

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