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Let’s Talk Pt2

Father what would you say is our biggest hindrance to fellowshipping with you.

Unbelief and sin. Many of my children have not recognized what I have performed in them when I entered them. I am not simply a presence, I am God. I know how to be a Father, and am a good one. Unbelief has come between us as a wall and has hindered my love from connecting with their hearts. It is my love that gives confidence. However, how will you know it if you do not trust me? Where there is no trust there is no love. What can you do to earn my love? Didn't I love you while you were my enemy? Why do you then think that it is by your own righteousness that I am pleased? Be vulnerable to me, and allow me to be God in your life.

Allow me to carry you, and fulfill you. You will then find that the fears you had concerning me, will dissipate; because you would have learned something, and it is that I cannot lie.

Father, we thank you for always giving us what we need. Give the readers confidence that they can trust what your word says.

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