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Labour Day

Hey Everyone! Today is Labour day! The day when we all stay home and sleep or go to the beach.

Apparently, labor day doesn't necessarily mean a day to labor, but it also means a day to celebrate all the other days that you labored and you rest on Labor Day! Well... you choose which one you like. But if the second one is true, then it is definitely worth celebrating. It reminds me of the time when God worked the whole week making the earth and stuff and then He rested on the 7th day. And now people all over the world rest on Saturdays! Cool huh!

But now that we have Jesus, our rest goes way beyond Saturdays. He offered us an eternal rest that isn’t limited to one day! He told us that He is the Lord of the Sabbath and that we should labour to enter into His rest! Wow… lol. And the rest is that He has now taken on the responsibility of living for us. Our rest is in our submission to Him. No longer should we live according to our own wills, ambitions or desires, but instead, we let God make those decisions for us and simply let the Christ in us express Himself. Meanwhile, we just go along for the ride as witnesses to know Christ and experience Him in His work.