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Keeper of the Soul

In this life, there are sometimes, situations, circumstances and/or relationships that can cause us such grief. In these times things can get difficult, especially when you feel as if the situation is irreversible. I remember Solomon once saying that it was a blessed thing for a man to leave this world and a curse for him to enter it. This is because of the state of this world - it is enveloped in spiritual darkness. There is evil all around us, spiritual wickedness and darkness that try to overtake us. This makes it inevitable to experience some type of grief, mourning or tears.

Nevertheless, it is awesome to know that the God of love has chosen us, to send His comfort to. He has given us a promise of eternal safety in His arms, safe from the despair of this world. Even now, He has given us the Comforter that is able to keep us in His peace no matter the situation. In His goodness, He never gives us more than we can bear. He is first touched with (which means to experience the emotions of) everything we feel and experience, it is only then can he sufficiently comfort us.

He is the all righteous one. The powerful one. The alpha and omega. The one that holds all time and life in His hands. He is love, and His will is perfect. We love and trust you, Lord.