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Keep Me Challenge – Your Word is Truth – Day 2

Activity: Prayer is power.

For the next 2 Weeks – Spend time in fellowship with God, and in no way rush Him. However, let Him know, from the earnest of your heart, every morning that you want Him to keep you sinless that day.

Day 2

The point of the Sunrises this week is to somewhat teach you how to discern God as well as the enemy. One of the things that cause people to miss God is that He says exactly what He means. Sometimes what He means seems to us so impossible that we try to put a spin on it so that we can agree that what He said is actually the truth... Then we will try to perform it. However, God is typical for saying things that no one believed. The trick to it is that we should believe Him even if it doesn’t make sense at first. This is the whole point of faith.

Example: “If you have the Holy Ghost, your nature is holy."

Now is this a statement that you easily accept? Some will accept this theoretically, but that’s not what I want you to do. I want you to examine that statement in light of the things you do and go through daily. Do you see the evidence of that statement? That was a trick question because even if you do not see the evidence of the statement does not mean that it is not true. Simply believe it. That statement is what you will be tried in, for the rest of your life. You must actually prove it to make it to heaven. So will you believe God or believe the carnal thoughts of the devil? Believe God today.

(Don’t be afraid to contact the Sunrise team for encouragement along the way, we love you)

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