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Keep Me Challenge – He Heard You – Day 8

Activity: Prayer is power.

For the next 2 Weeks – Spend time in fellowship with God, and in no way rush Him. However, let Him know, from the earnest of your heart, every morning that you want Him to keep you sinless that day.

Day 8

The tempter is evil. He will stop at nothing to ensure you fall. Sometimes he comes with situations, circumstances, and relationships, but then other times he comes in thoughts and feelings as suggestions to your mind. Nevertheless, his tactic is the same. He will try his best to discourage you. He is well aware that the joy of the Lord is your strength but how can you have joy in someone you do not trust? That’s his target. If you can believe that God did not answer your prayer to be kept, He would have found a weakness in you.

The feeling of an unanswered prayer or that God will not keep you is designed to cause you to lose trust in him. Nevertheless, God is there and powerful enough to keep you. Recognize the devil and his wiles. If you recognize him, you will know better than to listen to him. God has heard your prayer and will continue to keep you. However, he allows temptations to prove whether you will obey His commandments or not, but he actually never leaves. His strength is always found in the Spirit.

God, today we praise you for your faithfulness and loyalty to us

(Don’t be afraid to contact the Sunrise team for encouragement along the way, we love you)

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