Keep Me Challenge – An Evil Anointing – Day 9

Activity: Prayer is power.

For the next 2 Weeks – Spend time in fellowship with God, and in no way rush Him. However, let Him know, from the earnest of your heart, every morning that you want Him to keep you sinless that day.

Day 9

Have you ever been in a church service, listened to the preacher preach, and suddenly feel compelled to change your ways and life decisions? That my friend is the power of the anointing. It is the effect of the presence of the Holy Ghost, He persuades you to be holy. But I want to see the flip side of that. The devil also has a presence and carries an evil anointing. His anointing is designed to bring you into sin and to respond grievously to the things God has allowed in your life.

Sometimes, these come in sensations of loneliness, discouragement, feelings of failure, or pointlessness. All these feelings are devil-inspired to have you feel as if God has abandoned you. It is the effect of his presence trying to tempt you. However, what is written in God’s word will never change and can always be trusted. One of those things is that God inhabits the praises of His people. My point is: do not allow yourself to enter into a therapy session with the devil, instead invite the presence of the Holy Ghost in, because where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

(Don’t be afraid to contact the Sunrise team for encouragement along the way, we love you)

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