Judgment of the Church

This whole week God has encouraged us to look at and into our churches and clean out the things that are not like God. It served as a sanctification or a purging. I can hear the heart of the Lord saying so clearly that “a time is coming that the patience of the church is going to be tried. The end is soon, and the antichrist is soon to be revealed.” The reality is that we will not suddenly become a great wonderous church overnight. We must be it now.

My mother had a particular saying, it was “Dance a yard, Dance abroad”. It means whatever you do at home in your comfort zone where no one sees, you will do the same when you leave home. This is true for the church. A question my Lord asked concerning the times to come is "When I come will I find faith?" (Luke 18:8). Many will perish and turn from the Lord. This will be because many of them never truly ever lived the true life of Christ. To know God is to experience His life lived through you, and so, many will perish from a lack of knowledge.

“Judge in your heart whether you are slow to do the things I have commanded you, for I am examining my Church to cause you to see those who truly are of me. Ye, is there yet one thing that I have told you, that you are fearful or slow to do? I am examining you, that you may know who among you shall stand in the last days. Wash your robes, and return to Godliness and I will lift you up and place the sweet taste of holiness in your mouth. Behold I am coming soon, and my judgments begin at my house. He that hath an ear, let Him hear.”

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