It’s Time to Dance

So here we go with another Sunrise none of us are prepared for. So, I was in prayer with a friend, and one of the topics that arose was, what this sunrise you are reading should be about. We had long passed that phase of the prayer, when I had a vision of various dance styles, from various cultures and races, and times. All the dancers were extremely happy and there was such a purity to them. What was peculiar about the vision to me was the fact that I did not see the typical praise dance we see in Church services, though I knew it was included. I did, however, see hip-hop styles, ballet, and many more, I just don't know the name of. Some I had never seen before. When I looked at them all, their dance was to God and they were expressing their love for Him as best they knew how which was in the genre of dance they knew. Nevertheless, God was so pleased with all of them

God was relaying a message to me and it was about dance. Dance is something that is very important to Him. Dance allows the whole body to be expressed in praise to the Father. It is a language, that He interprets. I can hear Him saying to my spirit: "Dance was meant for Me. When they dance, My people are vulnerable and open. Dance articulates the emotions that words cannot. It is an extreme of expression of the feelings of the heart. In the vastness of My Mind, I designed all things for My glory. I foresaw every culture, race, and era. I coined dance as a medium through which immense appreciation for Me would be shown. I want it back. My people were never meant to be limited to a type of dance that they think I prefer. I made the body and the soul. Every soul is different and expresses themselves differently, so why then should all dances unto me be the same? Loose my creativity in you. Dance in variety. Dance unto me a new dance, and push beyond your comforts. I desire to relish in your best praise. I made dance for Me."

My Lord! We will respond to your plea. We will step out of the box, and give you our best praise! Whether we are young or old, we will dance before you.

Ecc 3:1&4 - To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

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