Is He Satisfied?

Yesterday, I found myself thinking a lot about how God feels about me. It definitely has to do with the fact that my best friend is currently involved in writing a Study Guide about the end times and Bible prophecy for an upcoming conference. The conversations recently have just put me in a frame of mind that we really do not have long left on this earth. One day, pretty soon, we will be called upon to give an account for the good and bad that we have done in this world and, depending on how that conversation goes, we will spend eternity either in eternal rest and peace or eternal torture and death.

On that day, many people will realize that God doesn’t have sentimental attachments to people that will cause Him to bend His rules a little to let you into His Kingdom. The reality is that if when He calls you and He sees anything that is not Christ, He will not allow you to enter in. So while you have time and mercy, be wise. Let your focus be on whether or not God is pleased with your life. Ask God today, “Are you satisfied?”.

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