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Insensitive Conscience

There are times that we can get so concerned and overwhelmed with the happenings of our life. Be keen to always examine your emotions at any given time. What are you feeling? What are you thinking? Are these the emotions of Christ? It is so important to put Christ at the center of all your doings because, if you do not you can easily desensitize your conscience.

When most people hear this phrase they think that it only refers to people that have no heart or mind for God. However, it is very possible for an individual to be loyal to ministry, anointed of God and fervent. However, they have lost their sentiment for godliness.

When God begins to judge like this, one of the first things that goes missing from the individual is righteous sentiment. They will no longer regard the things of God as holy; nor will they see sin as a big deal. When righteous sentiment goes, it is replaced with a spirit of apathy. Righteousness will be replaced with wantonness and selfishness. Though a person's position or authority may not change, their heart can. Their heart will no longer regard the severity in the judgments of God and their familiarity with church will cause them to feel as if their actions have no consequence.

Beware saints. Let us watch, lest we fall into a snare of the devil.

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