How To Friend

I find it amusing that the Lord Jesus knows so much how to love us. I think I kind of jumped the gun a little too quickly on that first line, so here we go. I remember growing feeling so insecure. I grew never truly believing that anyone outside of my family, could and would love me. My sensitivity about this caused me to become somewhat of a shape-shifter. Seeing that people would not love me for me, I had to become someone else. I had trained myself to change personalities and character depending on who I was around. However, I would notice that when I was alone, I would return to my insecurity – it became maddening.

It was not until I could recognize in my life that God gave me friends that actually loves me that I realized, that my problem was way beyond what I had thought. It was not that I had believed that people didn’t love me, but I didn’t believe I was worthy of love. At times I would isolate myself and be so depressed. In these times I knew my friend’s wanted to help; I just didn’t believe they could or knew me enough to.

It was then that I had to really look at my problem. I was looking in people for what I could only receive from God. I knew people loved me, but I had not yet allowed God to fill my void, and so my friends suffered for it. It was then I realized that God knew good and well how to friend me. He was not only a Father, but a friend. He is fully capable to be a best friend too. It simply depends on how we see Him. If we want Him to be a friend He will, If we want Him to be a teacher He will, a Father? He will! Speak to Him plainly, tell Him your jokes, treat Him as you would a friend, and you will find that He will be the best friend you will ever have. Open your ears and listen.

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