Honesty is the Best Policy Pt. 2

How did you feel after that saint asked you about your well-being and you declared, 'I am fine' knowing that you were not fine?

Let us look at this scripture below:

"A righteous man hateth lying: but a wicked man is loathsome, and cometh to shame. Proverbs 13:5

It is a shame and a disgrace to depart from the truth and not only tell a lie but cause another to believe that lie. How would you feel if someone lied to you? There is no big or small lie. A lie is a lie. It is evil and wicked to trap someone into that. There are many relationships that have been destroyed, and souls lost because someone decided to tell a lie.

Do you remember when you told that saint that you were fine when in actuality you were broken inside and on the verge of backsliding? You were discontented with your life and offended by the trials. Yet, you created a false reality to blind others into believing that all was well with you. That is evil and it shows that you have not discerned the Body of Christ. When you lie to the saints, you are lying to the Holy Ghost. God was reaching out to you and you lied to Him.

It is very dangerous to look God in the face and lie. He is the epitome of Truth. He knows all things. He sees you and He knows you.

You can't even pray if there is any lie in you. The Glorious light will shine on that darkness. That is the very same presence that lives in you, in your conversations and dealings with others. Every time you release a lie, your conscience bothers you. You have to override layers of Truth to tell that lie. You make a decision to backslide and become an unbeliever in that one moment to tell that lie. You tear down the altar of Truth in a split second; a second that could cost you eternity.

A lie is wickedness and only those who are honest will depart from such evil.

Are you Honest?

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