Honesty is the Best Policy

One of the elementary lessons I was taught is that 'honesty is the best policy.' This was used to encourage us to always speak the truth. Therefore, if we stole the cookie from the cookie jar, we should not lie but say that we took the cookie. This was a basic teaching for us as children. We were charged to always speak the truth no matter what. However, as we got older, we realized that the truth hurts. Speaking the truth, even in the most loving manner, cost us some friendships. Hence, for fear of hurting others or causing offense, we trained ourselves to accommodate the lie for peace sake. How many of us can admit to holding back the truth and uttering a lie because of some fear? How many of us have seen something as extremely ugly but for fear of offense, say 'it is beautiful'? How about your dear friend who bakes a cake that she is excited about but it tastes horrid, yet you say "wow, it's okay." The truth is, it is not okay; and you told a lie. Some of us even dare to say it wasn't 'really' a lie. Two people know the truth here, you and God. When you decided to tell a lie, you made a conscious decision to depart from Truth (God).

The truth is, that which is in your heart does not resemble your speech, therefore, you are a liar. You are living a false reality. If you believe the individual could not handle the truth, it would have been better to refrain from speaking. Bridle your tongue and opt not to speak if you know the individual is weak or if God instructs you to wait. Our Heavenly Father is always Holy. He requires Honesty from His children. We are naked before Him and He sees all things. He sees every lie, every facade and He judges the Heart. Our very hearts condemn us when we walk in dishonesty. Our hearts know what we are really thinking.

When we are dishonest, we choose to live a lie, which is sin, which is bondage. Why get entangled again in the yoke of bondage after tasting and experiencing the freedom in salvation. Let us no longer take the members of Christ into sin. Let us be honest. "...thou desirest truth in the inward parts..." Psalm 51:6

God wants us to bear our hearts to Him and to one another. That's the kind of truth He requires. The kind that is vulnerable, accountable and open to the consequence of honesty.

So today when a saint asks 'how are you doing,' how will you respond knowing that you are not fine?

Think on these things!

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