Holy Ghost Gym

There is a very interesting song about keeping spiritual fitness. It's called Holy Ghost Gym. So many times we become so focused on the external aspects of us. We get caught up in the clothing, makeup, jewelry, etc. However, though we may be good looking, if we be honest, sometimes we are in sin, not progressing in God, have little good works to show for ourselves and/or not comprehending or receiving revelations from God.

Well don't be discouraged. You can get in spiritual shape again. Go to the Holy Ghost Gym. Read the bench press of the Word. Lift the dumbells of sobriety. Drink the shakes of repentance. Lay down the mat of your wants and exercise your Spiritual gifts. Oohh I can see you already. I didn't know you could look so good.

Bless God today with your character as well as your appearance.

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