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Have you ever been driving or watched someone drive and, for some reason, in the middle of their driving… they choke… they think a little too hard… THEY HESITATE! I’ve been in a lot of those situations, especially when I just began driving. It’s in those moments of hesitation that you tend to end up in the most dangerous of situations. For a moment, we fail to trust our judgment of distance, speed or control and the fluency that we needed to execute a maneuver is compromised. Then we realize that we stand out among other drivers as incompetent and unskilled.

This reminded me of something Apostle Michael Thomas once said in a message quite a few years ago, “There is no latency in God”. Latency refers to the time or distance between an instruction and the response to that instruction. God requires that we obey Him without that hesitation or second-thought. He has designed us in such a way that He has direct access to the controls of our lives. However, we allow our intellect and reasoning and our own wants to hinder God from doing what He wants to do. This is that hesitation. It is a lack of trust and a belief that the things that God has instructed need to be validated by us and approved. But this is far from the truth. God needs no editorial or validation. He deserves our trust.

Just as on the roads, intersections, and highways, hesitation in the Spirit is a dangerous trait to have. Let us trust the Holy Spirit’s judgment and stop trying to make sure it’s not wrong. Trust God today.

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