He Won’t Fail

I think that sometimes we depend on our everyday experiences, and the people around us to define our worth. What happens though, when all the people you depend on let you down? All that happens is that you end up feeling as if your whole life is a lie. You need a way out. I want you to slow down, however, and consider that there is a God who desperately loves you. A God who is always there for you, but not often considered. He is competing with all these things you have trusted in your whole life. He wants you to see Him; to know Him, and to seek only Him for identity. However, how will God get your attention, and let you know that He is the only one that can satisfy you?

The answer is simple. He will let you see that the things you trust in are fallible. Whenever our joy is dependent on things, experiences and people, God will allow something to happen that will cause us to see that these things are not trustworthy. The love and fulfillment we were looking for could not be found in these things. Though we trusted in them, though we smiled for a season in them, though we thought we were whole, it proved that they were not the answer, because they failed you eventually.

However, God cannot fail. With Him, you will always win. No one follows God and regrets it. He has a promise that He will never leave you nor forsake you. A promise that nothing in this world can keep. So put your trust in Him, and He won't let you fall if you lean on Him.

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