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He Takes Care

God is extremely patient. He can easily wait 50 years on you to comprehend something He was trying to get you to see from day 1. I think sometimes, we are so focused on life that we try to apply our thoughts on how things should go or work out, that before you know it, we are the ones in control. However, you were never meant to be in control of your life. God has already foreseen every day that will ever be. His knowledge is eternal, and far above the knowledge, we deduce from our day to day circumstances. Hence, wouldn't it be wise to allow God to make every decision of your life.

Many times we come to God in prayer, telling Him all the things we want Him to do for us. However, how many times have you simply stopped and asked God only to grant you what He wants to give you? Is this something you do or is it too vulnerable a thing for you? Are you too focused on the things that you are facing that you feel it is too risky not to mention them? Or will you realize that God knows what you have need for before you pray for them? Put Him to the test, by living for Him. He will prove to be a good Father, who takes care of His children.

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